The Best Mexican Restaurants In the Metro West

Mexican Restaurants
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The Best Mexican Restaurants In the Metro West

If you’ve been to the Drugstoreventosa Market, or have hovered around the edges of the foodie scene in Mexico City for any length of time, then you likely know about chiles rellenos. These beef steaks are popular across much of Latin America and Europe, but they’re also available at some of the world’s largest food purveyors. It doesn’t matter where you go to get your fix of authentic Mexican cuisine; if it’s in the metro-west, you’ll love it (and find a new way to enjoy your coffee). Here are our favorite places to get chile relleno in downtown Metro West—and more.

Pancho Villa

If you love chile relleno, you’ll love Pancho Villa. Located at the southwest corner of downtown and Calle Oeste, this is the ideal spot for all things Mexican in the heart of the city. This charming old building, which once served as a school house, is home to a deli and a wood-fired pizzeria, which you can access with a Guess Food Co-op pass (yes, we actually live in a co-op). Sign up for a co-op subscription, and you’ll get a guaranteed “free” meal for the entire month, including unlimited refills for pizzas and more. There’s also a comprehensive “open all year” policy, which means you can head into town and enjoy delicious food without worrying about it getting booked up at the last minute. If you’re a local, you’ll definitely be happy to learn that Pancho Villa is also a great spot to learn more about our culture. For an all-over look at what’s happening in the city and what’s in store for us in 2019, check out our Pancho Villa article.

El Bodega

If you love fish and guavas too much to pass up on the chance to dine at this restaurant, then you’re in luck. You won’t find fish and guavas anywhere else. This is a central street food in the city, and if you’re lucky enough to find a boatload of it in Cancun, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another country. Yes, we’re talking about the fusion of South American food and Mexican food here, but you can’t go wrong with this place either. Fish and guavavids are made to order, so you can order anything from king mackerel to giant albacore tuna and have it delivered to your table in just a couple of hours. If you’re really craving mackerel, you can always go with the king mackerel albacore that is made to order, but for a more traditional mackerel experience, we recommend the Salsa Blanco.

El Jarco

One of the things we love most about Cancun is that you can experience authentic Mexican food while still being able to drink your way through it. If you want a Mexican experience while drinking your way through the meal, then you need to check out El Mojilén. This is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Cancun, and you’re likely to find it bustling with happy customers. Perhaps you’d like to try the cordero al horno, or maybe you’d like to try the jamon cordero—the jamon sandwich is something of a Cancun classic.

If you’re a morning person, you may want to try the alto de la mezquita (high noon), which is made to order and comes with an answer to “why” you’re there. If you’re a night person, you may want to check out the jesuiko, which is meant to be consumed in the late night or early morning hours. One of the things we love most about El Mojilén is how much of the food is homemade. The only thing that comes into the restaurant is what’s on the kitchen table and the way that the ingredients are made to order.

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Cancun Spice

If you’re looking for something different from the norm, then you need to check out Cancun Spice. We’re talking flower arrangements, frozen margaritas, and spicy food. You can’t go wrong with anything Cancun Spice offers, and for a different kind of food and drink experience, look no further. You can head to this place in the mornings or afternoons to start your day off with some spicy food and a beverage. For an all-over view of what’s happening in the city and what’s in store for us in 2019, check out our Cancun Spice article.

Las Noches in New York City

If you were looking for a Mexican food experience that was both American and New York City, then you’re in luck. Las Noches in New York City is hands down the most popular Mexican food in the world, and you’re likely to find it at some of the best restaurants in the city. Located at the corner of 14th and Broadway, this is a popular spot for families on their lunch break or those on their way to work. You’re likely to find several different kinds of food at this Mexican restaurant, including carne asada, pollo en pollo, tamale, sopa de pollo and more, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for an American food experience, consider the Mexican food at Las Noches an appropriate replacement for a salad or a sandwich.

Rio Hondo

If you love to eat at the Rio Hondo, you’re in luck. This is one of the oldest and most popular Mexican restaurants in New York City, and it’s still celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! You can order almost anything from the menu, but we recommend ordering the carne asada for the following reasons: Every dish is made to order, so every meal will be unique. You won’t be hungry for a while because everything is made to order. And, if you’re in New York City, you and your friends will be able to enjoy this restaurant 24/7 since they’re open daily.

Eat at a Kettle

If you want a different kind of Mexican food, you’re in luck because it’s the perfect thing to do on a ditch in the middle of the city. The image of your favorite food cooked in the traditional way will be forever frozen in time, but you can still enjoy your meal. You can order anything from street food to incredible standards of cooking, and you won’t be hungry for a while because everything is homemade. If you want to try something different from what’s on the menu, but still want to feel like you’re in Mexico, try the choice on your plate at a kettle.

Barrio Malinche in Little Italy

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in Little Italy, then Barrio Malinche in Little Italy is the place. Located at the edge of Little Italy, this is one of the city’s best spots to get your mouth on food. You won’t find many activities or restaurants in Little Italy that aren’t located in one of the neighborhood’s most recognizable areas, so you’re guaranteed to pass by something you’ll like before long. If you’re in the mood for traditional Mexican food, but want something different, try the pollo asada at this restaurant.

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